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Before Start Have To Know - What is "Digital CV / Resume Website" ?

Digital CV / Resume URL have amazing feature for all Jobseekers & Professionals to create their Search engines friendly Online "Digital CV URL" by building and hosting their Resume / Work Profile online with their personal URL at Many recruiters do skill based searches online to find experts. Now get another advantage of building your Jobfobia resume website and get searched and shortlisted by recruiters without your effort. ( e.g. )

Promote / Share Your Digital CV / Resume URL

Only you have to remember your url that's enough, While sharing your Digital CV/Resume URL including "https://" (e.g. in any social media platform (WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or any other social networking site), a Resume Card (Label) will automatically POPUP near the text box and will be posted through Automatic provided in

No Paper, No PDF/Doc File, Provide Recruiters Your Website URL. Your Website will be Laptop / Desktop / Mobile / Tab Compitable. Recruiters can view it from any devices. If needed recruiters can take Print out / Convert to PDF file easily.

Digital CV / Resume Structure

It covers approx all necessary fields to form a self explaining and well structured Resume / work profile for beginner to Professionals:

Resume Headline / Summary / General Information
Skills Overview / Professional Competencies
Education Qualification
Work Experience / internship
Project Handle
Computer / Software Skill
Hobbies / Leisure Activities
Conference / Seminars / Workshop
Awards / Accolades
Book / Chapter Publish
Searchable Skills / Tags
Upload Profile Photo
Desired Job Details
Contact / Enquiry Form
Social Media Links

Why Should Have Digital CV/Resume Website ?

Desktop / Laptop View

Mobile View

Paper, has gone! Here are some reasons why a Digital resume or CV website can help you in your job search:

Let Recruiters Google you - Today, it’s common for recruiters to Google candidates. Your Digital CV/Resume website is search engine friendly. It will make your presence in the globe 24X7. Any one can reach you any time and from any where. This is your professional resume website that you manage and control. It highlights you in the best light.

Helps recruiters find you - No recruiters know your name, but they know what skills they’re looking for. A good resume website with strong key words, well-written content will help you appear in search results of recruiters for the positions you are looking for.

Show recruiters that you are Tech-savvy - For many jobs these days, it’s important to show that you’re not a conventional kind of a person. An online resume website says that you take your career hunt seriously and that you are familiar with current technological trends,that means "How technically sound you are?".

Shows off your self - There’s something that pieces of paper can’t do, they are unable to give a full picture of what you’re like. Recruiters are not just interested in your experience and skills, rather they are very much interested to know about your personality too. Ideally your resume website can show off your skills while showing that you’re the kind of person they might also want to have lunch with.

Diffrentiate you from others - It's true, job hunting is tough. You try to show everything that makes you unique and qualified in just a couple of pages, then your hard work would lie under pile of papers somewhere.It's of no use. Building your own resume website lets you be on lime light and differentiate you from those who are lying under pile of pages. Especially if you’re in a creative field, having your own CV website lets you “show” your work as much as you tell about it.

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